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Bridging the gap

We provide insurers with a broad group of rental car providers and alternative mobility services when their insureds or claimants need a rental replacement vehicle.


Access traditional car rental options


Utilize ridesharing and P2P alternatives


Lower your average daily rates

What does the future look like?


Vendor-neutrality for the insurer

Vecto aggregates multiple mobility vendors, from traditional car rental companies to major ridesharing services, all under one simple technology. We are able to bring on new providers at any time.


Optionality for the customer

Customer experience is paramount. By giving the customer more covered choices, Vecto helps insurers tailor an individual experience for each insured or claimant.


Efficiency for all

Relying on preferred providers does not allow for real-time rate adjustments. We believe prices should be competitive due to a large pool of car providers participating in the market.

Unlock the power of ridesharing

The transportation world is rapidly expanding and we believe the rental replacement process should expand alongside it.

Top of the Line Services

Offer Ridesharing vouchers from the most popular services on the market.

Seamless Experience

Instantly drop ridesharing vouchers into your customers' account.

One Bill, One Platform

The versatility of multiple services, all in one platform.

Broaden your mobility World

Optionality is crucial to combat unreliability and save costs. Access more car rental companies and enhance the customer experience.

Vecto allows you to take advantage of the entire mobility market and access more choices when big box contracts fail to give you the cars you need at the price you deserve.

Our Mobility Network